The Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote – What You Need to Know

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote is a crucial event in the UK`s journey to leave the European Union. This vote is an important milestone in the passage of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and is a significant step towards making Brexit a reality.

Here`s what you need to know about the Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote:

What is the Withdrawal Agreement Bill?

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is a piece of legislation that sets out the terms of the UK`s departure from the European Union. The bill covers a range of issues, including citizens` rights, the Irish border, and the financial settlement.

Why is the Second Reading Vote Important?

The Second Reading vote is the first major test of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in Parliament. MPs will debate the general principles of the bill and vote on whether to allow it to progress to the next stage of the parliamentary process.

If the bill passes the Second Reading vote, it will then move on to committee stage, where MPs will scrutinise the detail of the legislation and make any amendments. After committee stage, the bill will then progress to the report stage and third reading, before being sent to the House of Lords for further scrutiny.

When Will the Vote Take Place?

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote is set to take place on Friday, 22nd May 2020. This date is significant as it will be the first time that MPs will have had the opportunity to debate Brexit since the General Election.

What are the Likely Outcomes of the Vote?

It is difficult to predict the outcome of the Second Reading vote, given the current political climate. However, there are several possible scenarios. If the bill is defeated, it could signal the end of Boris Johnson`s Brexit deal and could lead to a delay or even an extension of the Brexit process.

If the bill narrowly passes, it could set the tone for a difficult committee stage, with MPs potentially proposing a range of amendments and changes to the legislation. If the bill passes with a comfortable majority, it could pave the way for a relatively smooth passage through Parliament.


The Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading Vote is a crucial moment in the Brexit process. It represents the first major hurdle that the bill must pass in order to become law. The outcome of the vote will have significant implications for the future of the UK and its relationship with the European Union. As such, it is essential that everyone stays informed about the latest developments and the likely outcomes of this important parliamentary event.